Balanced Baby Bumps


No one has time for aches, pain and discomfort... especially during pregnancy! 

Learn how to;

- Minimise pain. 

- Create balance and space for baby to position well. 

- Maximise function.

- Prepare well for birth.  

All from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of our LIVE health professionals. 

Healthy Happy Mum's & Bubs

Postpartum can mean achey neck and shoulders and a low back that still doesn't feel the same. Then we've got our little ones development to think about. Exhausting!

Learn how to;

- Keep functioning and feeling well as you nurse and care for your little one.

- Help support your littles ones brain development.

- Create stability and appropriate movement after birth. 

Again... all from the comfort of your own home with our LIVE health professionals to guide you.