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Hi there! 

I’m Dr Alexandra Gadsden (Chiropractor) and I’m the founder of Being Better Balanced. 


Thank you for checking out our website, below is a little background story about me and my passion for womens health.  


Ever since I was very little I've been a bit of a ‘birth nerd’, always totally in awe of the pregnant woman and her little one. Lucky for me as I’m from a big family with lots of little cousins and pregnant aunts!


Professionally, both as a personal trainer and since then, as a Chiropractor, I have had a huge drive to help support these women. I feel that all women should be able to move well and feel great during their pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey. 


Having worked with lots of mum’s-to-be and new parents, as well as their little ones, I quickly found that there are many women who are finding it hard to get to appointments with health professionals, due to location, finances or just those super busy mum schedules!


Being Better Balanced was born! (No pun intended!)

I decided that making an online solution and resource where women and families can speak with health professionals, join in classes and get up to date research based information right from your couch was a must do!  


My goal is that women and their families everywhere can access health care of all kinds and lead healthy, well lives. 


Be sure to get in touch – can’t wait to support you as we all become better balanced. 


A xxx